Sometimes I don’t know what Lion wants. I’ve given him orgasms a few times, and he’s said he would rather have waited. There have been many times I’ve made him wait, and he’s said he would rather have had an orgasm. Obviously, with male chastity, he should wait. I don’t want to say he should be happy he’s waiting, but isn’t waiting part of the point of male chastity? Usually, he does his “poor Lion” act after I leave him hanging, but sometimes he seems genuinely upset that he didn’t get an orgasm. Conversely, there are those very few times he genuinely seems upset he’s had an orgasm.

I don’t think he was genuinely upset he didn’t have an orgasm yesterday. [Lion — I wasn’t.] I’m not sure I’ve ever given him one right after waxing. It’s only been the past five or six times that I’ve really gotten him going when I’m cleaning wax off him. It didn’t even cross my mind. For the past year or so, he hasn’t been ready for an orgasm much before four days after an orgasm. I think this is the first time in a very long time he’s even felt horny this close to coming.

I should definitely take advantage of his interest. If I can “bank” an extra orgasm here and there, if his desire does slow down at some point, we’ll still be on track for our goal of an orgasm a week. We won’t be sliding into December with seven orgasms to go and no time left on the clock. It’s all about time management. I don’t want to wait until the end of the year. I say we should score early and score often.

Lion better eat his Wheaties.

I was waxed today (Sunday). Mrs. Lion has gotten very good at removing my fur. It took her less than an hour to remove everything from my neck to mid-thigh—this included time to tease me with oily hands. Practice does make perfect when it comes to removing my hair. She does a professional job from beginning to end. When she first started waxing me, I spent a lot of time in the shower picking bits of wax off my balls and other intimate areas. Now, all I have to do is wash off any residual oil.

As she was cleaning residual wax off me with one hand, she was masturbating me with the other. For a while, I had hoped that she would let me come. Nope. She got me very hard and aroused. I tried to “help” her with my hips. It was to no avail. I sit here hair-free and frustrated. What happened to my orgasm blitz?

Mrs. Lion is unpredictable. I should know that by now. It doesn’t make it any easier for me. Once she gets my motor running, I hope for a happy ending. Even if I know that she just teases me over ninety percent of the time, I still hope that I will get lucky this time. Would it do any good to let her know I’m getting tired of frustration? Probably not. She already knows I am.

I don’t get a vote when it comes to sex. Well, I usually get a veto. Mrs. Lion doesn’t try to see if she can get me going even if I say I’m not in the mood. I never understood why she doesn’t. She reasons that sex is fun for me, so if I don’t want fun, why give it to me? There’s a flaw in that logic. If I want fun, doesn’t it follow that she should give it to me?

It seems to me that taking sexual control should work both ways. If I don’t get a choice when I get to ejaculate, why do I get a choice when I don’t want stimulation? When I’m not in the mood, a session with the Magic Wand will probably overcome my resistance—just saying.

I attempted to get the waxing room ready, but the stuff piled on the waxing table has nowhere to go. I’ll have to move it out and move it back when we’re done. The wax is melting. It takes a few hours to be fully melted. There’s plenty of time to get things ready.

There were no dreams last night. At least, none that I remember. Lion was safe. I don’t think he has anything to worry about. I’ve had dreams with him in them before and I’ve never hit him in the dream or otherwise. I’ve even had dreams where he’s done something stupid and I got mad at him even though I knew he did it in the dream and not in real life, but I didn’t hit him. He should be lucky I’m not my former coworker who occasionally elbows and punches her boyfriend in her dreams. He’s wound up on the floor more than once.

Unfortunately for Lion, when I do hit him, he feels it, deserves it, and knows it’s coming. And, if Law and Order: SVU can be believed, BDSM goes wrong all the time and people die. I suppose that may be true in some cases, but certainly not as prevalent as they make it seem. Lion may wind up with a bloody tush, but he’s never in any real danger. I’d stop immediately if he was. As a matter of fact, I often stop long before he’s in danger simply because there’s a lot of blood. He generally insists I could have kept going.

Something has changed in our snuggling set-up. It’s my fault because Lion just lays there. I don’t seem to be able to reach my weenie as easily as I used to. I think I’m trying to avoid his shoulder that tends to be sensitive, so I am further up on the bed. My arms are only so long. If I want to stay under the blankets, I have to move down more. Sitting up or moving to the other side of the bed means Lion has to come out from under the covers. I don’t necessarily need him to do that if he’s not getting aroused. Sometimes I’m just idly playing with him and nothing much is happening. We like to stay where it’s nice and warm if it’s just a drive-by. Once things heat up, he comes out to play.

I tried last night and that’s when I came to my conclusion. Of course, I didn’t have the solution yet. I was on the tail end of a sinus headache. Not today, though. Lion will get waxed and cleaned off with oil. My weenie will get some attention. I don’t know if he’ll be very excited, but we should be able to have some fun.

My mother always said that if I eat candy, it will just make me hungrier. I suppose that’s true. Is it also true about sex? Mrs. Lion gave me a great oral orgasm on Thursday night. I woke up on Friday feeling horny. The sexual interest continues into Saturday. This pattern is pretty typical for me. Does it mean that I will respond if Mrs. Lion decides to do something sexual with me at a decent hour? Common wisdom suggests that I won’t. My refractory period should be longer than a few hours. Go figure.

I suspect that Mrs. Lion needs more than a day or two to recover. She never tries anything sexual for at least three days after getting me off. I’m not suggesting that she should. I’m also not sure that I would be all that responsive. It’s odd that my interest level is so high right after ejaculating. I have no idea why I decided to write about this. Usually, I have a reason. I’m not hinting at a change that I want. I’m not offering information of use to anyone else. I’m just telling you how I’m feeling.

At 4:44 AM Saturday, I was awakened by the bed shaking and a loud thumping. At first, I thought that the dog was jumping on the bed. I dismissed that when I reasoned that a fifty-pound pup couldn’t produce effects like that. When I became fully conscious, I realized that Mrs. Lion was doing something. I couldn’t figure out what, but I worried if she might attack me. Then, she woke herself up and asked me if I was awake. I told her that I was.

She got up and went to the bathroom. When she got back, I asked her what happened. She told me it was a dream. Then, she went back to sleep. In the morning, she told me what she dreamt. Her post, “Tomorrow Is Waxing Day,” describes it. She’s talked in her sleep occasionally but never taken action before. She was violent!

When I took Ambien to sleep, I did some bizarre things too. Mrs. Lion told me that I appeared to be fully awake and asked her to make me some food. She made it, and I ate it and returned to sleep. I have no memory of that. I do remember that just before falling asleep, the room looked odd. The walls were curved. I stopped taking that drug.

As far as I know, Mrs. Lion didn’t take any mind-altering meds on Friday night. Maybe I should wear a football helmet to bed.